Newly Published Work

December 15, 2015

Greetings Cyber Earthlings!


After a brief pause wherein I experimented with being a modern American, college educated “grown up lady”, I’m back. That shit is mad overrated.  The system is fucked no matter how much energy and hard work you toss into it. Honestly, give it a go. Then get the hell out before you become a mediocre shell of the potential woman you feel constantly pulsating beneath your now too-thick skin.

Anyway, I am mostly optimistic and sending my inky children forth into the harsh world of submission guidelines again 🙂 I’ve been targeting online journals, short story contests, feminist blogs, natural hair care magazines, and independent poetry projects. 2016 will be the year of being a “real” writer again for me. I have created a corny inspiration/intention board and everything. I’m looking to join a book club or weekly public reading or whatever. I live in New York now and it’s time to act like it!

Here’s a place that recently accepted my words:

SyZyGy Poetry Online Journal

There’s more to come and I will update accordingly. Keep in touch!


Meg Frances