What if The Kardashians were aliens?


I’ve placed a short story in Augur Magazine’s Issue 5.1, Joyful Imaginations. The premise of my piece, titled “The Seven Ochre Sisters” is, essentially, “What if The Kardashians were aliens?” Go grab a digital copy and check out the full issue!

Fresh from the Archives of Youth

I want to take you back to a time when twenty-something, broke ass Meg (me) made NSFW radio stories with Audio Smut (now @theheartradio.) This work has been re-imagined as the last of a 3 part summer series. Listen to Swelter: A Steam.

Listening to this for the first time after YEARS on my morning walk yesterday was a moment. At the time, a lover almost broke up with me due to the “disgusting” nature of this piece. Art-slut shaming, if you will. I avoided it for years until the bad feelings from that interaction and conversation became the only feelings I had left about producing the work. Was it terrible? Was I terrible? Did my words hurt people?

Thanks to The Heart for unearthing this tome and giving it new life. I have deep love in my own heart for all those rad radio babes for ever and ever. Below are a few blasts from that very specific and wonderful past, when I gallivanted around NYC with two friends and a microphone.

Meg and Kaitlin at Cinekink

Meg Frances and Kaitlin Prest at the 2012 Cinekink Awards in NYC.

Mitra and Kaitlin

Mitra Kaboli and Kaitlin Prest discussing important radio shit over a delicate breakfast.

New Pandemic Poem

Here’s a filmed performance of the only new thing I’ve written while at home during this pandemic. Thanks to We the Women Collective for accepting my submission for A Digital Wake. Special big googly eyed thanks to Real Clothes (aka Nico Fox) for being open to last minute collaboration on creating a custom loop of music for this project. A description of the motivation for this piece is below. Enjoy! Stay home and do art.


About This Poem

Livid Lineage was written April 3, 2020 during the rise of Covid cases in NYC. It is an exploration of issues I often grapple with within the new context of this pandemic. Mainly, how generational trauma informs the present/future lives of Black people and how internalized narratives of gender destiny further complicate that. Dark humor is a salve; I staged my performance to be as low-fi and personal as possible within my apt’s hallway. I wanted to obscure the fact that I was reading from my phone by making it the only source of light. I draped myself in a soft black cape because drama. I duplicated the ending shot to mimic the current mood of an endless daily routine. I sent the poem to Nico Fox who performs under the name Real Clothes. I love her music, it’s dark and dreamy. She created a custom loop of music and named it “Blood of My Troubles”, after a line in my poem. It was nice to collaborate virtually and I hope this poem resonates with you all!


Ode to Audre Lorde

This event was held Sunday, February 23rd at 🔮 Cult Party 🔮 in Brooklyn and was organized by writer and educator Dianca London Potts.


Audre was with us, was cast upon the wall via a projector.


Music played while we created candles with her image and her words. Plus, lots of glitter.

Readings followed with Audre’s works expressed alongside our own poems and journal entries. It was a powerful evening.


WOC Avatar Reads Me

By explicit request, a woman of color living in the UK gave voice to my work in my stead. As I could not fly out to London for the release party of a book featuring my words, its creator fulfilled my desire to have my work presented by an avatar. In the video below, Indunee read aloud Totemism, one of two poems that were recently included in the anthology, LOVE LIKE SALT.



🌹 Being a Weirdo Of Colour Zine Release #2 🌹

On Saturday 6/15, Las Odiosas brought back a new batch of solid panelists for their second zine event. Wise words were shared concerning boundaries, bodily autonomy, sex, relationships, sex work, finding/taking your own reparations, healing from family induced sexual/body shame, moving on after sex based violence/trauma, and creating/sustaining “alternative” communities that center WOC. Below is a poem of mine that was featured in this second issue. It was written after the last election and concerns my inability to enthusiastically join the mainstream women’s march and my few lines surrounding who gets to speak up for whom. I wore a tounge in cheek all pink look to the event 👿