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Meg Frances was born in Houston, Texas in 1987. Her parents moved the family around several small towns, finally settling down in Rowlett, Texas. She has been writing poetry since she could scribble on the backs of her elementary school assignments. As a teen, she performed at local open mic events within the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

With the onset of the Iraq War, she became politically active and attended her first protest. She has been involved with progressive campaigns on a variety of issues, focusing mainly on environmental justice, public education, women’s rights, Black liberation, and sex positive communities. She graduated from Southern Methodist University in 2009 with a B.A. in Anthropology.

She now lives in Brooklyn, where she’s chasing the dream of finding meaningful work that keeps her happy at the end of the day. She received her Masters in Education from Pace University in 2014. Her writing is sporadic and comes in unexpected pleasant gusts that quickly deflate like so many birthday party balloons. She has published one book to date and it is currently out of print but you can peek the cover via Amazon.

She is currently editing a Deep South revenge fantasy novel and is represented by Erin Clyburn at Howland Literary. Email for publishing and performance opportunities.

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