Love Like Salt

Two of my poems, Sanguine Rose and Totemism, have been included in the anthology, LOVE LIKE SALTThis collection is the dissertation of Amy Byrne, a student of literature and English at Manchester Metropolitan University. The project is described by her as “a poetry anthology that revolves around human interactions and encounters in our modern society’. Sadly, I could not attend the public launch in Manchester but will post a video of an IRL avatar reading on my behalf soon. Love_Like_Salt Anthology

2 Poems, 1 Zine

Last Saturday, Las Odiosas put together a rad panel full of creative, self-described weirdos of colour in the BX. It was also the debut of A Very Feminist Zine. Here is the beautiful front cover, the two pieces I submitted, and the back cover with all social media handles of the dope mamis who organized and showed up and loved on one another. FOLLOW THEM! Loved meeting everyone and wish to collaborate again soon!

Front cover20180124_121158recovering from your shit20180124_121305

Zine Panel Rescheduling

Due to inclement weather, the Las Odiosas panel and feminist zine debut event was postponed. It will now take place January 20th from 5-8 pm at the Dominican Women’s Development Center (715 W 179 St). Peep the new flyer on IG.

Yours truly will be there to buy some copies of the zine featuring two of my new poems as well as soak up woke vibes from the panelists and artists in attendance.

I am excited about connecting with fellow “weirdos of color”.

❤ M.F.

New Zine Alert 

Hello interested people of the internet!

Two new poems of mine will be printed in a local (Bronx) women of color issue-focused zine put out by Las Odiosas. Check them out on IG.

The December 9th zine opening will coincide with A Very Feminist Zine: The Woes of Being aWeirdoof Colour Panel. This topic is *super* relevant to my entire odd ball existence growing up/today and I’m thrilled/honoured to be a part of the larger conversation. Always interested in making more woke bae friends and artists!

Will post poems on this blog as soon as an approved online version is released. Or I’ll post photos of the paper zine pages.

More work to come in 2018! (I am almost done with writing my first novel).

Luv and blood,


WRBG Fest Debriefing 

The inaugural Well Read Black Girl Festival, held Saturday September 9th at BRIC, reinvigorated many authors and artists who had the good fortune to attend. The event space was full of dreaming girls, publishers, avid readers, writers, agents, people I have “met” online, cultural comnentators, musicians, poets, nerds, etc. The attendees were esentially a multitude of muli-talented black women. Some choice quotes from the sage like panelists will sit within me every time I write. Gems like, “Where is the room for black joy?” And “This lady just gave birth in what looks like a creek, you can finish this paragraph…sometimes you just have to type.” Thank you universe for bringing me to these women! Now back to the grind of finishing my novel!

Newly Published Work

December 15, 2015

Greetings Cyber Earthlings!


After a brief pause wherein I experimented with being a modern American, college educated “grown up lady”, I’m back. That shit is mad overrated.  The system is fucked no matter how much energy and hard work you toss into it. Honestly, give it a go. Then get the hell out before you become a mediocre shell of the potential woman you feel constantly pulsating beneath your now too-thick skin.

Anyway, I am mostly optimistic and sending my inky children forth into the harsh world of submission guidelines again 🙂 I’ve been targeting online journals, short story contests, feminist blogs, natural hair care magazines, and independent poetry projects. 2016 will be the year of being a “real” writer again for me. I have created a corny inspiration/intention board and everything. I’m looking to join a book club or weekly public reading or whatever. I live in New York now and it’s time to act like it!

Here’s a place that recently accepted my words:

SyZyGy Poetry Online Journal

There’s more to come and I will update accordingly. Keep in touch!


Meg Frances