New York

Hello people of the internet!





from a dark and seemingly endless slumber.

She has rolled out of bed and into the bleeding new world of 2012. Welcome.

I’ve decided to take this blog and turn it primarily into a promotional hub for my writing and entertainment projects. All of the science inspired posts that you’ve randomly stumbled upon and which filled you no doubt with the joy of multiple nerdgasms have been removed. These experimental pieces will be featured in my next book of poetry, Roanoke, which I’m putting together as we type. I enjoyed working within the self set limits of writing that is constrained to certain themes. Exploring the universe through ink took me on a journey that opened the doors to parts of my mind that were long left dormant.

While I’m setting things up, feel free to explore the written works of yours truly. You can find my brain’s organized linguistic drainage at the following links.

Read My Book

Review My Book

Thank you.

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