Fresh from the Archives of Youth

I want to take you back to a time when twenty-something, broke ass Meg (me) made NSFW radio stories with Audio Smut (now @theheartradio.) This work has been re-imagined as the last of a 3 part summer series. Listen to Swelter: A Steam.

Listening to this for the first time after YEARS on my morning walk yesterday was a moment. At the time, a lover almost broke up with me due to the “disgusting” nature of this piece. Art-slut shaming, if you will. I avoided it for years until the bad feelings from that interaction and conversation became the only feelings I had left about producing the work. Was it terrible? Was I terrible? Did my words hurt people?

Thanks to The Heart for unearthing this tome and giving it new life. I have deep love in my own heart for all those rad radio babes for ever and ever. Below are a few blasts from that very specific and wonderful past, when I gallivanted around NYC with two friends and a microphone.

Meg and Kaitlin at Cinekink

Meg Frances and Kaitlin Prest at the 2012 Cinekink Awards in NYC.

Mitra and Kaitlin

Mitra Kaboli and Kaitlin Prest discussing important radio shit over a delicate breakfast.

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